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I create and own drones of different types for various purposes, ranging from 2-inch drones that can film in 5K to 8-inch drones that can chase subjects at high speed with a full-frame camera.

cinewhoop with Gopro

Sub 250gr drone with a "naked" GoPro 12, used to film in 5K and ideal for flying close to people, indoors, or in tight spaces.

cinewhoop with Black Magic pocket 4k

The prop guards make this a safe choice for high quality cinematographic shots.

Fpv drone Gopro 12

Used to chase athletes or film landscapes with a GoPro 12 that can reach up to 150 km/h. Weight: 800gr

cinelifter with Red Komodo

Designed to carry cameras that weigh up to 2 kg at 150 km/h. RED KOMODO, Sony FX6.

 DJI Mavic 3 pro

Best for steady cinematographic shots filmed in 5k in ProRes.

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